Friday, February 13, 2009

Tabernacle (Visual)

First, check out this site: Tabernacle

Hello everyone! I was having mixed feelings reading the story of how the tabernacle was built...though the reading has passed I figured I share a bit of what I have learned. I had a difficult time finding it...interesting. Yes, I admit, I was a bit bored reading through it. I am a visual learner at times and thought this study and visual can help you see the importance and value of this precise building of God's dwelling in the OT. God chose the best (skilled workers and materials) to build a place to worship Him. It wasn't just any tent, a very unique place for Moses to meet God.

Top left: Ephod and all the cool gems. This was what the priest wore. Talk about designer clothing...this tops Versache or Louis Vuitton or Abercrombie & Fitch any day!! :)

Mid-right: scarlet yarns (various colors)

Bottom: Goat hair (made into a pillow) but imagine it spread over the entire tent.
Bottom: Acacia Wood. Why this type of wood? Acacia wood was a strong, resilient wood that grew up in desert climates. It could survive the harsh environment because its rood grew very deep. The tree itself never grew tall. In fact, most acacia trees only grow to a height of 15-30 feet. This tree was not affected by disease nor animal infestations because of the strong odor in the fiber of its wood.

Alright, hope you enjoyed just a glimpse of God's holy dwelling. There are so many other intricate details, such as the gold clasps, oil, turbans, ram skins...and much much more.


Justin Seibel said...

thanks for posting those pics. that's interesting to learn about the wood too.

Tera Chau said...

OMGS T! Great stuff, I love yours and Mitch's creative ways in helping us understand the reading (esp the somewhat "dry" details) and great to see you posting on the blog again, I missed reading your insights :)